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I have always had a clear vision of the hairstylist I want to be.

A stylist who listens and makes the experience a true collaboration. It makes me so happy when our ideas become a reality.

It is so important as a stylist to listen and encourage personal style. From‍‍‍‍‍‍ my clients colour to their cut I want people to feel confident & comfortable when they leave my chair.


As a kid of about 10 years old, I had very short hair; but when I won a Bingo at the Toronto Exhibition I still picked out a curling iron as my prize.

I would invite my friends over for a visit and would beg them to let me curl their hair. I always knew this was what I wanted to do. I love working with hair, tossing around my creativity and making it it's best.‍‍‍

Life is so busy these days and we need to have hair that is on trend but also falls right into place with the right cut so you're not bound to your tools. Mastering these cuts co‍‍‍mplimented by natural looking hair colours are my specialty.  

I have felt so fortunate enough to have turned my passion for hairstyling into a career. My favourite part of my job is working with my client to create a haircut and colour that not only gives you confidence but makes you truly excited about your hair.

I also love continuing my education and looking for fresh, new looks or ideas to suggest to my clients.

The best part of doing hair for me, is how it makes my clients feel.

Knowing I have made somebody happy, and that I have made their day is a great feeling and it happens every day!

The transformative power of hair can truly be amazing. I am proud everyday to work closely with my clients, giving them the tools to recreate a polished look at home. With my experience in cutting and colouring techniques, it is my mission to unlock the potential that everyone has to ‍‍‍have beautiful hair.

Need Bio‍‍‍

Having many years of experience both in London, UK and downtown Ottawa during my hairstyling career my passion still drives me to create hair that fully embodies my client's looks and feelings. A balance of functionality and "look good – feel good" principles are vital to achieving my clients satisfaction.

Your hair is a reflection of your own personal style. Let me help you express yourself, and look your absolute‍‍‍ best.


Services And Prices For Stittsville



Formal Style (Updo)




Children (0‍‍‍-6)


Spiral Perm, ‍‍‍Cut & Style


Children (7-12)




Colour & Style‍‍‍‍‍‍


Colour, Cut & Style‍‍‍


Mini Foils & Style‍‍‍


Mini Foils, Cut & Style‍‍‍


Partial Foils & Style‍‍‍


Partial Foils, Cut & Style‍‍‍


Full Foils & Style‍‍‍


Full Foils, Cut & Style


Mini Fo‍‍‍il & Style


Colour, Mini Foils & Style‍‍‍


Colour, Mini Foils, Cut & Style‍‍‍


Colour, Partial Foils & Style


Colo‍‍‍ur, Partial Foils, Cut & Style


Colour, Full Foils & Style


Colour, Full Foils, Cut & Style‍‍‍


Men's Colour & Cut


Toners, Glosses & Treatments‍‍‍


Body Wave, Cut & Style


(Prices here represent a range, please give us a call or come in for a consultation for more accurate pricing!)

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