Kathy, February 7 2019

Difference In Hair Color Techniques

Clients often ask the difference between high lights, low lights and everything in between. So I will break it down into some of the techniques we offer at Scissors.

Baby Lights - They can be used on any hair colour natural or tinted. They are tiny, subtle strands of hair that  give a shimmer affect. 

Maintenance - This is a low maintenance colour technique requiring touch-ups from two or three times per year depending on when you feel like you need a little perk me up.

Balayage - This is a colour technique. The colourist paints free hand on the surface of the hair. The hair is not saturated with colour giving the hair a soft natural sun kissed look.

Maintenance - This is low maintenance colour technique. However the blonder the balayage the more the client seems to visit. 

Ombre - This is a look in which your hair colour at the root will gradually fade into a lighter end. It can be dramatic from dark to light, or you can have a Sombre.

Sombre - a softer subtle version of the ombre look with beautiful blurred colour.

Colour melting - Is a blending technique used when we darken the hairs roots and softly blend it into the ends.

Maintenance - These looks are medium level maintenance. Requiring visits to your hair dresser 3 times per year or more depending how dark or light you are going away from your natural hair colour.

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