Kathy, February 7 2019

Making Grey Hair Shiny

Clients with grey hair, often ask how to make their hair shine. Although embracing their natural colour they still want it to look youthful. Here at Scissors we can apply a clear- colour gloss the lasts up to 30 shampoos. While making the hair appear shiny, it also closes the hairs cuticle leaving the hair feeling smoother and therefore easier to style. This gloss has zero negative effects on the hair and can be applied as much or as little as the client wants.

Maintaining your youthful grey hair is fairly easy and we have all the products necessary to do so. 

At Scissors one of our favourite products is Sparkler by Osis. It is an aerosol spray with a super shine no hold. The shine lasts the full day with never requiring a touch up.

For clients with difficult hair that is grey and has a lot  of frizz  we recommend Morrocan Oil Curl Defining Cream. It provides the hair with the shiny as well as keeping the hairs curl structure perfectly formed.

We also carry Kevin Murphy Killer Curls which is an anti frizz defining cream and it works like magic on your clients with finer hair.

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