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‍‍‍Alexis joined ‍‍‍Scissors in 2016, our newest Junior Stylist with 4 years of experience and a lot of top shelf education (Mekka) under her belt!

You can see a lot of her work on our social media, but definitely check out her own below!




‍‍‍Emma is the newest addition to the team. Helplessly passionate and creative, she works full-time behind the chair as a colour specialist.

Her work has been seen internationally in publications, and she works on photo shoots & in the world of fashion to express her creativity and bring new and innovative ideas to her work in the salon.




Georges is ano‍‍‍ther one of the Scissors team that voraciously devours technical education, has taught and competed enough that no boasting is necessary anymore. A lot of our other stylists get their hair done by him. (Enough said)

(We made Georges wear the helmet, he bikes to work from Gatineau every day!)



‍‍‍Rocky has been doing hair longer than some of our staff has been al-I mean he has a storied past of hair adventures, and is fantastic at commercial magazine - style photoshoot hair and staying ahead of trends. ‍‍‍Rocky is part owner of all three Scissors locations, and divide‍‍‍s his time between them.


Hair has always been part of my life it seems. After many years in this industry, and many years at scissors, I still enjoy my work, which says a lot about my craft and scissors as a place of work. I enjoy the interaction I have with my clients who have been loyal to me for a very long time.


Ridiculously energetic and excited about doing hair 24/7 (really, he is), Nelson's a fantastic stylist when it comes to precision and creative work.

Nelson is an award winning master hairstylist, with a large amount of educational and competitive experience (He's even been an educator before!) that informs what he does with his regular clientele.




Schwarzkopf Colour Technician / Educator, Johanne has shared her passion for hair across Canada.

She has pursued her own education from Los Angeles to New York, and brings her knowledge and experience to the Scissors ecosystem.

Johanne lives by the motto "Never stop learning"


‍‍‍I have been in the hair industry for over 10 years. I am a creative and detail oriented stylist. I keep myself educated and up to date with the latest trends. I have certification with Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy. I love working with extensions, and transforming hair into a work of art.‍‍‍



As head of the color department and part of management, I take pride in keeping my team updated with the latest knowledge, techniques and trends in colour.

We take education and maintaining our skills up to date seriously and it reflects in the caliber of work we deliver on a daily basis.


‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Chris started hi‍‍‍s hair journey in 1981, and is one of our master stylists. He's an accomplished and energetic stylist who, in addition to working behind the chair at Scissors, performs as a judge in competitions as well as coaching younger stylists to grow the next generation of hair stylists.


Se‍‍‍rvices‍‍‍ ‍‍‍And Prices For Byward Market‍‍‍

Cut & Style (Women‍‍‍‍‍‍)


Cut & St‍‍‍yle (Men)


Cut & Style (Chil‍‍‍d)


Blow‍‍‍ Dry & Style


Colour & Style


Colour, C‍‍‍ut & Style


Mini Foil & Style


Mini Foil, Cut & Style


Partial Foil, Cu‍‍‍‍‍‍t & Style


Full Foil, Cut & S‍‍‍‍‍‍tyle


Colour, P‍‍‍arti‍‍‍al, Cut & Style


Colour, Full Foil, ‍‍‍Cut & Style


Toners, ‍‍‍G‍‍‍losses, Treatments


Spiral Perm, Cu‍‍‍t &‍‍‍ Style


Fib‍‍‍replex - $35

Fasion Colour - $40

Partial Foil & Style


Full Foil & Style


Colour, Partial & Style


Colour, Fu‍‍‍ll Foil & Style


Men's Colou‍‍‍r & Cut


Body Wave, Cut & Style


Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Corrective Colour, Straightening, and Extensions are per consultation - please inquire in salon!

All prices include HST.

Our prices are based on the training, experience, and ongoing development of our stylists, colourists, and apprentices. Additional charges may apply for extra long or thick hair that requires extra time or product.

Student Pricing Available! (15% Off)

Alicia is one of our newest recruits who's working with our advanced stylists  to develop and hone her cutting & colouring skills.

In between clients, she furthers her education with all manner of education.‍‍‍




Damien is one of our uniquely passionate, eccentric team members. Compulsively detail oriented, he lives for the next haircut, the next photo project.

Damien is not only a passionate hair stylist, he's a photographer (Check out, and spends all of his spare time learning really random things.

He also did an embarrassing T‍‍‍edX Talk.‍‍‍




With many years of experience, Kathy is a master stylist and colourist who's been a technical advisor for both Goldwell and Schwarkopf.

She really loves summery blondes  and pixie cuts, although she excels at practically everything to do with hair.


Dominique combines decades of experience with a holistic approach, and a European aesthetic. She grew up working in her mother's salon, so her body‍‍‍ of experience is pretty darned good.


Damien is one of our uniquely passionate, eccentric team members. Compulsively detail oriented and a perfectionist, he lives for the next haircut.

Damien Fossil is not only a passionate hair stylist, he's a photographer (check the Flickr), and spends all his spare time learning about the world at large.

He also did an embarrassing TedX Talk.